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On $releasever and rpmdb

A few days ago a coworker inquired about an odd error: [Errno 14] HTTPS Error 404 - Not Found

The inclusion of the '%24relesever" in the URL was extremely weird, the question was how did it get there? The answer is a bit complicated.

As most folks who are reading this will probably be aware the yum.conf file can substitute certain variables listed in a repo defintion, from man yum.conf:

       Right side of every repo option can be enriched by the following  variables:

          Refers to the system’s CPU architecture e.g, aarch64, i586, i686 andx86_64.

          Refers to the base architecture of the system. For example, i686 and i586  machines  both have a base architecture of i386, and AMD64 and Intel64 machines have a base architecture of x86_64.

          Refers to the release version of operating system which DNF  derivesfrom information available in RPMDB.

But where exactly does releasever come from? It turns out the answer is this query:

rpm -q --provides $(rpm -q --whatprovides "system-release(releasever)") | grep "^system-release(releasever)"

So on a redhat 7.5 server system, system-release(releasever) is provided by the redhat-release-server package and the system-release(releasever) is set to 7Server.

After re-installing that package, RPM was again able to provide that information to YUM and the error went away since the variable had a value. It was certainly a strange error to run into...

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